Only CogniK brings together content intelligence, audience insights
 and user signals to power intuitive content discovery.


Content Intelligence

CogniK goes beyond how your content is tagged and categorized. We build customized products for all kinds of content: text, music or videos. We can enrich your data with a combination of semantic analysis, audio visual analysis, and content mood characterization algorithms. That helps your taxonomy keep pace with your growing body of content, and make content recommendations better.  Unlike other recommendation platforms, CogniK also incorporates editorial weight and curation to enhance the set of recommended content.  That's true content intelligence. 


Audience Insights

Contextualizing what happening around your users is just as in important as understanding the user themselves. CogniK pulls in trends from social media, assesses a topic's popularity, and then factors in a person's time and location to ensure that each recommendation is contextually relevant to the user.  Recommendations reinforced with audience insight ensures the right user at the right time on the right device get the best content. 

User Signals

Static audience segments and profiles aren’t enough to truly understand your users. CogniK’s User Signals dives into their experience and behavior, and unlike other platforms, it synthesizes user history in the moment to refine its recommendations immediately. We help media brands understand not just the ‘what’ your users are doing, but the ‘why’ as well.