We built the RaaS, short for Recommendation as a Service, to make personalized content recommendations part of every user experience on any platform.



It works for any type of content, whether it’s text, video, or a mix of everything, and it can power mobile apps, websites and even newsletters. We live in a world that is full of content, and personalization is key to an engaged and loyal audience.  RaaS helps present more of your content to your audience, holding their attention and interest.


RaaS synthesizes content information with users’ preferences, behavior and history to create intuitive and engaging recommendations. It also adapts and learns as it goes to deliver recommendations that feel like they were curated by a thoughtful editor.


RaaS is easy to use, it’s simple to make changes, it’s affordable, and it’s transparent—it’s an exclusive peek under the hood of a powerful content recommendation platform. No matter the size of your engineering team, personalized content recommendation can be a part of your product.


Find out how RaaS can transform your content experience.