Identifying “Fake News”

How machine learning can combat the rise of “Fake News”

So the election is over, and the American people are getting over their hangover. Regardless which side you supported, everyone would agree that social media played an unprecedented role in how news was disseminated to the masses. The traditional news cycle has been replaced by echo chambers that are reinforced by social media’s personalization algorithms.

MyMTV wins "Best Multiscreen Medium" at 2016 Grand Prix Medias Awards

MyMTV, the first personalized music TV channel available on any device, has been crowned the “Best Multiscreen Medium” at the Grand Prix Medias Awards.

In just over 6 months, this unique TV experience has created more than half a million customized channels across TV, tablet, computer and smartphone. Powered by CogniK Personalization Platform, each channel is tailored for each viewers, based on their tastes and preferences, and MTV curation.

Here is the link to the official annoucement

The 5 things you should expect from a personalization platform

Is that personalization platform right for you?

Personalization is all the buzz right now, and many businesses are scrambling to understand how they can leverage personalization to improve customer experience as well as increase revenues. As a result of this demand, many Software as a Service companies are coming out of the woodwork asserting that they can provide you with a personalization solution.

Picking a personalization platform is a daunting task. Whether you are a CMO, CTO, or VP of Strategy, it’s never an easy decision to make. Unlike other software platforms, personalization initiatives require input from a variety of stakeholders such as your marketing, technology, and programming teams.

The 11 Top Sessions to check out at IBC 2016

From insightful talks to breaking down complex problems, these sessions are a must attend at IBC.

This year, personalization is on the top of every CTO, VP of Product and Head of Programming’s mind. In the last year alone, MTV launched MyMTV the first personalized multiscreen music TV channel, and Sesame Street Workshop announced a partnership with IBM Watson’s to leverage their cognitive computing insights. 

Whether it’s personalizing your OTT offering, mobile apps, or linear television streams - personalization has increasingly become the solution to intelligently match the right content to the perfect user. To help navigate the numerous speaker sessions, we’ve curated a list of must see talks that will help you get started on your path to personalization.

A Personalization Roadmap

Is your company primed and ready to benefit from personalization?

Personalization has really taken off in the last couple years. We believe personalization is the solution to the ever growing available content, and key to retaining an engaged customer. Every CTO, VP of Product, and Head of Programming we speak to agrees that personalization should be on their strategic roadmap. But, many people we talk to are lost on where to start. That’s why we’ve built this personalization roadmap — to introduce what it is, and help you identify how to achieve your strategic goal.

The future of TV is in personalization

Having a smarter and more selective audience isn’t a problem — it’s a boon. When audience data is harnessed to better predict what any given user is going to enjoy or want to watch next, the result is a more satisfied audience. Smart viewers are confident in what they know and like, but they’re also curious about what else is out there.

What IBM Watson, Big Bird, and the FCC have in common

Last April, Sesame Workshop announced a partnership with IBM Watson, to develop a new line of personalized educational products. Sesame Workshop’s decision acknowledges the behavior shift in how children impatiently flip between shows, access content through multiple devices, and expect everything to be on-demand. The “one size fits all” broadcast model is continuously losing ground to a more personalized, tailored, and responsive content delivery that can only be provided through cognitive computing. Personalization powered with cognitive computing is the key for companies to fully understand and optimize their customer lifetime value.

How Closed Captioning can increase the value of your video inventory

Aside from the obvious benefits of being able to enjoy online video with closed captions, a huge benefit to closed captions is the new world of possibilities that having captions provides with increasing the metadata that can now be associated with each video.

CogniK powers FranceTV Zoom


France Television has selected CogniK’s recommendation platform to power its critically acclaimed video application FranceTV Zoom. The partnership between France Télévisions and CogniK allows the public broadcaster to offer a completely new breed of video consumption, fully personalized to individual tastes and interests, based on types of content watched and devices used.

My Nick Jr. expands into China and Malaysia

We are pleased to announce that My Nick Jr. is now available in China and Malaysia!

Since My Nick Jr.’s France launch in 2012, the platform has won several awards including Best Application for Entertainment by NPA Conseil in France. The platform continues to be improved, and in addition to China and Malaysia, it has been deployed in the US, United Kingdom and Mexico.